#30 Lists 1-6

This is my third round of Thirty Days of Lists and I’m super excited to start again! I’ll still be blogging my lists, but this year I’m going to put them into Project Life. I really mean it this time!

I’ve gone back to digital PL, at least for awhile, so I’ll be using a modified Template F with three lists on each page, so ten pages total. I plan on keeping the supplies neutral with pops of color here and there. I’ll be using the questions/ prompts that were provided with the registration materials as elements on my pages, along with some cards by Kristen.

Here are my first two pages!

30 Lists 1-3_edited-1 web 30 Lists 4-6 web

What’s new so far this year?
[LM] has a phone
Jason is working 60+hrs./ wk
Eating Clean(isn)
Talking to Melissa more.

Projects I’m currently working on-
Project Life
30 Lists
Gallery wall in the bedroom

Things younger me would like about current me-
I have an awesome guy.
I keep my eyebrows in check
I still read a lot
I have learned to let some things go that used to really bother me.
The mistakes I’ve made haven’t been made in vain.

Favorite time wasters-
Real Housewives
Trashy books

Things I tend to worry about-
Losing the people I love
The World

Rules to break-
Don’t marry boys you meet on the internet.

Template F (modified)
Title card- rukristen (from April 2013)
Papers by Connie Prince (Love Bugs and Give Me Sunshine and 525600 Minutes)

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