Project Life Lessons: Photos to Take

I loved Megan’s first assignment in Project Life Lessons. I’m not usually at a loss for photos to take. If anything I take Too Many to fit into one spread. But I’m always on the lookout for more photo ideas. Our first assignment was to go through a list of photo types and see which ones we gravitate towards, and which we could take more of.

All photos are linked to relevant blog posts.

Types of photos I take often-
People in my life. I try to get pictures of all of us (Me, Jason, and Miss Kitty) each week. I also try to get pictures of all of us together each month for Three Times Twelve. When LM is here, of course I take tons of pictures with him. I’m very sneaky and take screenshots whenever I Skype or FaceTime with my extended family.

Progress. I love progress pictures, especially for home projects and gardening. Jason is also good at getting progress photos of me cooking.

Routine. I’m pretty good t getting photos of our routines, at least during the day. I’m more aware of taking these kinds of pictures after taking the Twelve class from Stacey Julian last year. Scrapping your routines and rituals was a big theme in that class.

Relationships. These are my favorite. I get these whenever I can.

Places. We’re great at this. We probably take more Places photos than People photos generally.

Home. Another one I’m working on recently. We’re thinking of moving next spring so I want to get lots of pictures of this house right now.
Doing what we love. We’re pretty good at this. I take a lot of pictures of Jason gaming and doing music. I sometimes take pictures of LO’s I’m working on and things I’m cooking.

Traditions. We excel at this one. He takes hundreds of pictures when we go to the Morikami each year. I make sure we document each state we visit by taking pictures beside the state signs. Whoever isn’t cooking is always snapping away during holiday meal prep. You don’t even want to know how many sunrise/ sunset on the beach photos we have.

IMG_6694P6070247 Recurring themes. I take a picture of our dinner almost every night. I like seeing how the same thing, a meal, can change so much over the course of a year. It might be boring for other people, but I like it.

Stories I want to tell. Since taking the Twelve class, I’m constantly on the lookout for stories. I have a running list of stories, so if I find something that could represent that, I’ll definitely take a picture. I’m often formulating stories in my head. I think a lot of scrapbookers/ memory keepers do this, even if we don’t realize it.


Types of photos I take sometimes-
Milestones. I don’t always get photos of milestones, but I do journaling to cover any lack of photos.

Outings. There are many many weeks when I only leave the house one day a week. We are homebodies (when we’re not traveling). But I do take lots of pictures when we do go somewhere.

Seasons are hard to capture in South Florida. We have two seasons, hurricane season and the rest of the year. I do make a special effort to get pictures of holiday decorations and things like that anytime I can to show the passing seasons. I also take a lot of screenshots of my weather app for temperatures and big storms. We always take photos if we have any hurricane prep to do. If there is damage from storms, of course that gets documented too.

P3652012Week44c web
Representative photos. This is hit or miss for me. It’s easy to remember to take pictures of my feet at the pool, or medicine if we’re sick. A lot of times I’ll just use journaling to document these things. When my mom was in the hospital last year, I waited until she left for a test and took pictures of her hospital bed and the whiteboard that the nurses wrote on.

Celebrations. we’re great at taking these photos, but not so great at getting them into my LO’s because the number we take is pretty overwhelming sometimes. The weeks in my PL that I’ve skipped almost always involve celebrations or vacations.

Personality. I’m pretty good at getting Personality shots of Jason and LM, but not so much of myself. Pictures of me almost always fall into two categories- big cheesy grin and mouth-slightly-open “Duh” expression. (Unfortunately many of my wedding photos are in the second category)

sillies web
Other things I’m ok with taking photos– Accomplishments, Details. Work. Changes. Action. Joy.



Types of photos I don’t take as often-
Signs of the times. We have been known to do photo shoots of our iPhones and iPods. We document our tech pretty well. I will sometimes take a picture of our radio playing a favorite song, or a screenshot of something playing in Pandora. I would like to get more photos like that.

A Day in the Life web
Not so happy times. I will usually use representative photos or just journaling for these things. I’m ok with that.


It’s interesting to think about all of this. A few observations- Jason and I make a great team. We don’t always gravitate towards taking the same kinds of photos, but when you put us together, we are pretty well-rounded. We take a lot of pictures. A Lot. I think we get more variety, especially Action, Joy, and Personality shots when LM is with us. That’s probably why PL in the summer is so overwhelming for me, because we take so many photos, and they’re incredibly varied in what we capture.

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