Project Life 2013: Week 31

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a Project Life spread. I’ve been doing PL this summer, but in physical form. I’ve really loved doing it that way, and I think it’s perfect for us during the summer when we travel and collect lots of “stuff”. But 12×12 is just WAY too big for me. And I found myself laying out my pages digitally before I printed out my photos anyway, so I though, why not go back to digi? The plan right now is to do my pages digitally and get them printed out once a month at Persnickity in 8×8. I’ll be adding inserts along the way, and maybe using up some of my physical PL stuff in those. I’ll be following the same format that I did last year, only sending my pages out to be printed instead of doing it at home. This will be my third different way of doing PL just this year. But I’m totally embracing my need for change and hatred of commitment. I’m still getting my memories and our family stories into the world, whether it’s a printed book, a 12×12 pocket page book, or a book with 8×8 layouts + inserts. It’s all good.

So on to Week 31!

P2013-Week31fullwebP2013 Week31a webP2013 Week31b web

Week of: July 29- August 4

What happened this week? Lots of Skype. BPC Pajama Party. I tried yoga with Rodney Yi (and really liked it! Shocker!) We got a visit from a lizard. Jason got the new Logic. We had tasty food. Little Man came to visit on Saturday and we hung out at the house.

Anything special this week? I do have an insert for Day in the Life, but I might change it up, so I won’t post it just yet. (I’m thinking of doing a video of a month’s worth of pages/ inserts to show how everything goes together)

Overall thoughts: This week took way too long to put together, but I was experimenting and trying to figure out if I wanted to finish the year out in book form or as individual LO’s. I am so fickle. The title cards by Nettio are my absolute favorite PL supply lately. I used them all summer and will continue to for a long time! I also love the calendar card from Paislee Press, but I forget to put it in most of the time, so yay me for remembering this month!

Photos: I got the Skype photos by taking screenshots on my iPhone (press the power button and home button at the same time) Everything else was just iPhone photos taken by me, except the one of all three of us, which Jason took. Most were edited in Instagram or Pic Tap Go.

Design A templates by Becky Higgins
52600 Minutes by Connie Prince
Basic Mats Project 2012 February by Connie Prince
Calendar by Paislee Press
Title card by Nettio Designs
Mom’s Typewriter font

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