On Stepfamilies


Our first family trip to the zoo in 2006. Look at that blonde hair!

Last weekend was National Stepfamily Day. The day nobody knows about, much less celebrates. (Not that I’m bitter, I usually forget it myself). I’ve made it no secret that this road has been a challenging one for me. But it has some fantastic benefits. Of course nobody wants their kids to grow up in a “broken” home. But I believe with all my heart that children of divorce and breakups can grow to be wonderful, healthy, happy members of society. And that it’s much better to grow up in two homes than to grow up in a home where the parents despise each other.

Every family situation is different. No two stepfamilies are alike. As I became a new stepmom, I found it extraordinarily difficult to find a support system. Every forum I visited seemed like a big bitch-fest. You would think that in the whole of Internet-Land that there would be some place for us to go that could offer support and encouragement.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t even have 1% of the answers. But I do know that my words here in this blog have offered a little hope to a few people, and I’m really happy about that.

Here are some of my favorite posts about my own experiences being a stepmom. (The good, the bad, and the pirate-y)

So far, so good

Saying goodbye… and hello.

Randomness (where I mention last year’s Stepfamily Day)

Life Changing Words (possibly my favorite post ever)

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Boy Stuff

Yay for technology!

Looking through the archives for this post has been nice. I’m so glad that I’ve made this blog part of my memory keeping process!


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