Project Life 2013: Week 32

P2013 Week32full webP2013 Week32a webP2013 Week32z web

Week of: August 5-11

What happened this week? A ridiculous amount of selfies from me. A ridiculous amount of working from Jason. Lots of everyday stuff.

Anything special this week? I had a lot of words and photos this week, so I used an insert with photos just from the weekend.

P2013 Week32insert web

I used a Design D template and I’ll get it printed out as an 8×8 and cut it in half so it’ll be two 4×8’s back to back. My mom texted me a couple of pictures this week, so I’m going to have them printed out in 4×6 and add a little insert with those as well. I copied and pasted the text from this post into the layout too. Also, the little heart flair? I made that myself using this style set from Bekah E. It has rocked my world. So much that I emailed Bekah to tell her how much I loooved it. And kinda embarrassed myself a little, but whatever 🙂

Overall thoughts: The words and photos took a long time to put together. I think as I go forward and get my flow down better it’ll speed up. I actually had this sitting in a folder for a couple of weeks because I wasn’t inspired to “decorate” it. I think I’ve come to the point where it can just be pictures and words and no product and I’d be ok with that. In the past couple of days, I’ve felt a little more inspired, so I came back and filled some things in.

Photos: My typical mix of screenshots and Instagram pics, with a couple from the big camera. I made a concerted effort this week to get more DSLR photos of things around the house.

Design F templates by Becky Higgins
Project 2013: August by Connie Prince
Title card by Nettio Designs
WA by Ali Edwards

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