High Five for… errr… Monday

A few recent awesome things…

1. These styles by Bekah E. I’m obsessed with flair. I’ve wanted to make my own for a really long time but couldn’t find the “perfect” style set. Now I have, and this is going to save me a ridiculous amount of money for sure.

2. Pictures from the Little Man. It’s getting cold up north. He’s a fan.


3. Scrapbooking process videos. I’ve started watching these while Jason watches football. I love Shimelle of course, but I’m getting into some of the others from Two Peas.

4. New fall shows! Right now we’re loving Sleepy Hollow, the Avengers, and the Blacklist. Good old favorites like the Mindy Project and Modern Family. NCIS was a little meh, but we’ll keep watching that until the end of time because apparently it will go on foreverrrr. A little disappointed in the Crazy Ones. I don’t like Sarah Michelle Gellar as straight woman. Looking forward to Vampire Diaries. Last season was the worst by far, so hoping they fix that (and stop making me hate Elena). Also looking forward to the Originals. Can’t wait for some pretty NOLA shots.

5. This workout video. I’m not quite a FIRM believer yet, but for a strength training video it’s not too bad.

Honorable mention goes to grape tomatoes. I’ve been keeping them in a jar on the counter and snagging a couple when I’m making dinner, or anytime for a snack. Having them right there in my face is making me reach for them instead of other, less healthy things.

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