October Goals

Here is a reminder of last month’s goals

  1. Walk or run 40 miles.
  2. Listen to 10 How Stuff Works podcasts.
  3. Participate in Week In The Life, 30 Days of Lists, and Project Life Lessons.
  4. Blog or scrap 10 more summer adventures.
  5. Donate blood OR donate to Goodwill.
  6. Finish that gallery wall in our bedroom that I’ve been working on since April.
  7. Swim or take walks with Jason three times a week.
  8. Plant some more seeds.

Last month was a pretty decent exercise month. I’m not very great at documenting each walk or workout I do, but I estimate that I got in around 30-ish miles. But I also added in strength training to the routine towards the end, in place of my usual Pilates workout. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found a strength training workout that doesn’t bore me to tears, so yay!

I listened to a bunch of random How Stuff Works podcasts this month-
Did a cow start the Great Chicago fire? (spoiler alert, probably not).
How the Musketeers Worked.
How Ramadan Works.
Can we build an elevator to space? (Which I still don’t understand, despite listening to it twice. A bit over my head)
How Shark Attacks Work.
The Shark Diaries.
Did Reagan’s Star Wars campaign win the Cold War?
How Crack Works (in keeping with the Reagan theme, now let’s bash on Nancy! I thought this one was a little mean spirited, but very informative on certain racial aspects of America’s “war on drugs”).
How the Rosetta Stone works (probably my favorite).
How Dying works (a bummer, but really went into a lot of important things and reaffirmed a lot of things I learned in my CNA training).
And also, Does owning a gun change your behavior?

Lots of good stuff. I also relistened to every single episode of the Digi Show, including the first fifty or so that were under the Paperclipping umbrella. Learned a ton! That’s what I love about PRT and TDS, you can listen to them over and over and still learn things.

Number three was hit or miss. I participated wholeheartedly in WITL, but I haven’t blogged it yet. I’m not sure if I want to. Still thinking on that. My 30 Days of Lists got sorely neglected. You can see my first few here. I was able to get to all three chats for my Project Life Lessons class, but I’m still working through the assignments. My first two are here.

This was not a huge month for blogging or scrapping summer memories. I only did three actually, so that wasn’t great. I think maybe I’ll start numbering them to motivate myself.

We gathered up a big bag of clothes to donate. It’s kind of crazy that I actually found clothes that were too big for me! They’re riding around in the trunk of the car waiting to be dropped off.

I did nothing on the gallery wall front.

Jason and I took a lot of walks this month! Even when it was hot and gross, and we were in danger of random spiders dropping from the massive webs that hang from every tree in our complex, we walked anyway. And it felt great. We didn’t get any swimming in, partly because it’s rained almost every day this month, partly just laziness.

I planted more tomato and pepper seeds this month to replace the ones that were stolen. They’re doing quite well so far.

Geez that was long….

Okay on to October Goals!

  1. Do 10 (non-Pilates) strength training workouts.
  2. Make a dent in my stack of non-fiction books. (There are nineteen in two stacks!)
  3. FINISH one of my September projects.
  4. Donate to Bald for Breasts. (I am a terrible procrastinator!)
  5. Document 10 more summer memories.
  6. Decorate for fall and Halloween.
  7. Do a Photo Walk with Jason.
  8. The Un-Challenge Challenge.

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