High Five for Friday


Here are some cool things about this past week…

Photo Walk. On Saturday, we participated in the Worldwide Photo Walk. It was our first “official” photo walk, though we’ve done a few by ourselves, like in
downtown Nashville. It was pretty interesting, and I’ll be writing about it and sharing photos soon.


The return of Civilization Sundays. Jason and the Little Man have started gaming on Sundays again. Nice bonding time for the guys.


This slow cooker website. One old favorite is her Slow Cooker Rotisserie Chicken. One new favorite is her Slow Cooker Oatmeal, which I’ve been enjoying almost every morning for a few weeks. (I skip the spices in the apple version and use one Granny Smith and one sweeter apple in mine)

The Internet. (and people who take the time to help in forums) I’ve had a problem for a really long time with the way iPhoto and PSE talked to each other. This was not resolved once I bought Aperture. I have researched the hell out of this problem on and off for about two years. I finally found the answer this week. It helps if you know the correct search terms.

Football games on the iPad. I am pretty militant about what I allow in the bedroom. As my Nanny said, “The bedroom is for two things, sleep and…”. She never did tell me what that second thing was, but I have since figured it out. I do not like TV’s in the bedroom. I do not like computers in the bedroom. The bedroom is serious business people! I don’t want distractions in there.

But the one exception is football games on the iPad. There is no way I can stay awake for late night games. And our couch is incredibly uncomfortable, so it’s not good to fall asleep on (unless you’re Jason, who can apparently sleep on anything). So we compromised. When I start to nod off, we go to bed and he brings the iPad to finish up the game. He gets football and I get sleep. Win win.


Honorable mention goes to Miami Subs and Dominoes, who rescued us from two different crisis food situations this week.

Some lows this week include- My dad being furloughed, bad chicken, and lots of early morning work calls. Also being without a working oven for over a week.

This was a bit of a challenging week, but we have it better than a lot of people so keeping complaints to a minimum.

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