October Essentials (and the three kinds of pages I love the most)

Holy cow, do I love this collection. I mean seriously. I could not stop using it! Sometimes when one of my designers puts out a kit, I’ll jot down a few ideas for pages. Just brainstorming, you know? I did that for this collection, and I came up with eleven ideas! Which I’ll probably never make eleven pages, but you really could. It’s that versatile of a collection.

Okay enough gushing…

One cool thing that I did find while working with this kit last week is that I think I make three distinct kinds of pages. Pretty pages (product driven pages), story pages, and photo pages. And the thing that I love is that there is room for all three in my books!

So here’s how these three pages came to be.

Sleepy Hollow Bridge web

When I got this kit, this LO by Wilna was fresh in my mind. I loved that big gold frame she used and how she just kept cramming things in behind it. So as soon as I saw this fancy frame in Michelle’s new kit, I knew I wanted to make something similar. I thought it would be great for one of our Sleepy Hollow Bridge pictures. I had a creepy story to tell about me on the bridge, so I picked this picture. Well with one thing and another, I just kept adding and adding product until there was no room for the story. To be honest, I forgot I was even trying to tell a story for awhile there I was having so much fun.

Once I came out of my “pretty product haze” and remembered my story, I whipped up another page. Really simple, just papers, pictures, and words.

Sleepy Hollow Bridge2 web

Journaling reads- One of my very favorite parts of our trip to New York was visiting the Sleepy Hollow Cemetary and Bridge. This isn’t “the” bridge where the Headless Horseman chased Ichabod Crane. That bridge is long gone, if it existed at all. This bridge is hidden away in the woods inside the cemetary gates. It is incredibly peaceful there, which was a wonderful relief from the hectic pace of that week.I approached the bridge with some trpidation. It looked old and rickety, and I wasn’t sure if it would hold me. I ventured out to the middle of the bridge. So far, so good. I looked down into the water and was soon lost in thought, mesmerized by the water below. Suddenly my reverie was interrupted by a noise right behind me. Something large and loud was coming across the bridge, making the bridge creak and sway.For one crazy second, I thought it was the Headless Horseman himself, and I almost jumped the rail right into the creek.Of course it was only an SUV crossing the bridge. Apparently the little rickety bridge was a lot stronger than it had first appeared! As silly as it sounds now, it was pretty scary at the time. I could have sworn the tires running over the slats in the bridge sounded just like the clip-clopping of a horse’s hooves…. 4-26-13

A little overdramatic? Probably. Do I care? Not at all!

SH Graveyard web

Once I had those two pages finished, I thought about all the other pictures we took that day. They needed a page too. I took inspiration from this LO by Jennifer Kinkade. This collection has a ton of gorgeous tags, so I wanted to show them off while still having room for several photos. I also made my own flairs again, because clearly I’m obsessed. I liked that I was able to use the Sleepy Hollow font again, tying the pages together even more.

I have one more story and a few more photos to go, and then the whole story of this part of our trip will be complete. Which is huge for me because I never ever scrap an event “completely” I flit around from one thing to another, and usually that’s just fine. I’m not a chronological scrapper, and I don’t ever worry about being “caught up”. But I’ve really enjoyed the process of making these LO’s and I can’t wait to get them printed and put into my albums!

Layout Credits
Sleepy Hollow Bridge 1
October Essentials by Ohana Designs
Autumn Ellies
Autumn Tags
Basic Ellies
Halloween Ellies
Masks and Splats
Solids and Gradients

Sleepy Hollow Bridge 2
October Essentials by Ohana Designs
Basic Patterns
and Gradients/ Solids
Sleepy Hollow 3.0 and Avenir font

Sleepy Hollow Graveyard
October Essentials by Ohana Designs
Basic Ellies
Basic Patterns
Halloween Tags
Solids/ Gradients
Masks/ Splats
Flairs made by me using Clear Styles by Bekah E.

*I am a Creative Team Member. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.


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