Apartment hunting


We’ll be leaving our current apartment when our lease is up in April. We (mostly) love our place, but we do not love Jason’s two hour a day commute time. So we’re looking for a new apartment farther south, closer to his job.


We’ve been looking at apartments this month to get a jump start on the process. Last time we moved, it was incredibly stressful and we sure don’t want to go through that mess again! It’s a lot more fun this time around. We like pretending we’re on House Hunters.

Here’s what we’re looking for-
Close to work
2 bedroom (though if the price is right, we’d love a 3)
2 toilets
washer/ dryer
decent sized pool (for laps) and gym
green space for the Little Man to run around


The last place has been a sticking point for us because the area we’re looking in doesn’t have a lot of open spaces like our current place. Ideally we’d love something similar to what we have, but that seems like a near impossibility, so we’d settle for something with a park close by.


So far we’ve looked at six places. Jason is pretty sold on one, but I’m halfway in love with a different one. We have a bit more research to do, but we’ll probably have a decision soon. Pretty exciting!

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