Playing with Story Swoop

When I heard about Debbie Hodge’s Story Swoop on PRT, I was immediately intrigued. I love to write, but I’m not especially good at it. I think I get my point across mostly, but I have a comma and run-on sentence addiction that cannot be denied.

Story Swoop did nothing to help my overpunctualization, but it did help me make sense of the scattered thoughts I had looking at this picture.I picked a pretty unimportant selfie at the park taken last weekend. I didn’t think I had a lot to say about it, but I was wrong!


After feeding some things into the Story Swoop site and following Debbie’s guidelines, here is what I came up with…

We grin foolishly at the camera on a random overcast winter day. On this particular day we are at ___ park. A spur of the moment pit stop somewhere between Costco and home.

Right now it’s a rare treat to go somewhere that is not work or the grocery store. I even got a little dressed up for the occasion wearing one of my “holiday” shirts- red with little silver stars along the hem. My new boots are quite inappropriate for tromping around in the mud though.

He wanders around taking pictures, dreaming about fishing and jet skis. I find a picnic table and sit, hoping it won’t rain. We come together a few minutes later, hold hands, and start to walk back down the path to the car.

I stop abruptly and give him my phone. “Long arm?”, I ask. “Sure”, he smiles. We’ve had this conversation a hundred times at dozens of different locations around the country. It’s nearly impossible for us to go somewhere scenic without doing this.

We scrunch together and he holds out the phone, trying to get the trees in the background into the frame with us. Like he always does. I gently raise his arm a little to a better angle, so I won’t have extra chins in the photo. Like I always do. We grin foolishly at the camera. Like we always do.

I don’t know what kind of magic is in the Story Swoop, but somehow it drew an actual story out of a pretty innocuous photo. How cool is that? I can hear Stacey Julian in my head, clapping her hands and shouting “It’s a trigger! Put it in your inspiration file stat!” (yes, I often hear Stacy Julian in my head)

So if you haven’t given Story Swoop a try, I highly recommend it, especially if your journaling is random and scattered like mine. And cheek out Katie Scott’s first story swoop. It’s really awesome!

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