Christmas 2013


Happy Boxing Day!

We had a really great, low-key Christmas here. It was basically a repeat of Thanksgiving, food-wise. I did a lot of prep work on Christmas Eve. I made our usual pre-holiday panzanella and sausage balls, plus Wilbur cookies. When Jason got home he made the brine for the turkey and we opened some champagne to celebrate our anniversary a few days early. (I think we spent just as much time photographing the champagne as actually drinking it)


Then we settled in for some dinner and TV. Notice my super classy ziplock bag containment apparatuses.


We had decided not to give each other presents again this year, which causes much controversy among our family and friends, but takes an enormous amount of pressure off ourselves. But Jason surprised me on Christmas Eve with the sweetest most romantic letter- that rhymed! It was funny and romantic and I just cried and cried. It is seriously one of my very favorite gifts he’s ever given me and I’m still smiling like a big goober just thinking about it.

We slept in on Christmas morning.then lazed around the house a bit before starting to cook.


We had leftovers for breakfast and talked to the Little Man. He loved the presents we sent.


The cooking part took a lot longer this time for some reason (I think maybe because somebody kept opening the oven door to obsessively check the turkey). Jason played games and I looked at blogs and prepped side dishes. We watched the Mentalist and SNL Christmas special. Shweddy balls never gets old!

MK, aka “The Sniffer” was very interested in my table setup.


The turkey finally finished cooking and I started in on the sides.


And I just realized Jason was wearing his same PJ’s from Thanksgiving 😛 Clearly our holiday dress code is very casual.

IMG_6417 IMG_6418 IMG_6425Here’s our menu-
dressing (I changed this up quite a bit, so I’ll post a recipe next week)
mashed potatoes in the slow cooker (I subbed cream cheese for the sour cream again)
my infamous broccoli casserole (writing out the recipe made me war it again)
roasted squash with garlic and basil
Hawaiian rolls
cranberry sauce

It was all really tasty, and I can’t say enough good things about that turkey recipe. If you’ve never brined before, definitely give it a try!

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