Four awesome things in three days

Each of these is deserving of it’s own post, but knowing myself… that won’t happen. One of my goals this year is to blog things as they happen and not wait for the perfect photo or perfect words.

So here are four really great things from the past few days-

1. We got my engagement ring fixed! I slammed my hand in a case cart door at work a few years ago. We kept putting off getting it fixed because we thought it would be expensive and take weeks to get fixed. But we shopped around and found a place on Thursday that fixed it within an hour! I’m still not used to wearing a sharp object on my hand, and I’ve gouged my eye more than once. But super happy to have my ring back!

IMG_6429 IMG_6433

2. I got 138  layouts printed! Thanks to a generous gift certificate to Persnickity from my dad, I’m now very much closer to being caught up with printing. I can’t wait to share my (almost) completed albums, probably next week.


3. Anniversary stocking! I was totally going to give Jason a pass on my stocking this year. He’s sick and it’s been a crazy busy week. But he came through and totally surprised me on Friday night. Because he’s The Best.


4. We did a 5k! We decided to celebrate our anniversary by doing something healthy for ourselves. So we signed up for a 5k. Because we’re crazy. Neither of us have done one before, and with one thing and another we didn’t train much. We ran/walked half the course a couple of weeks ago and that’s about it. I can truthfully say that I was more nervous about this race than I was the day we got married. My goals were simple 1. Don’t be last… 2. Try to do it in less than an hour… and 3. Don’t break my legs.


And I was successful at all three! Plus we beat the lady walking the tiny dog. I did a bit of trash talking to that dog, so I’m glad my short legs could outrun his.


We mostly walked, but we did jog a little. Jason was really encouraged me and kept us at a good pace. I know he could have finished much faster than me, but the point was to do it together. So we held sweaty hands and walked fast. We jogged around a few bends. And we ran across the finish line. Together. I’m so proud of us! And as soon as my blisters heal up, we’ll try it again for sure.


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