She Doodles

Made with love by Lisette

One of my goals next year is to scrap more pages of my sister. I’ve been hesitant to scrapbook about her for a few reasons. First, she’s not super keen on having her picture all over the internet. And I tend to not scrap many pages with people that I can’t put on my blog or in galleries. Second, I tend to write big long emo journaling about her, and it makes us both cry.

So I decided to do a page that doesn’t have a picture of her AND isn’t all emo. Just a nice simple page about what she’s into lately to get my feet wet.

Journaling reads- Jamie has been doing a lot of doodling lately. She sends me pics of her illustrations and that makes me super happy. She usually doodles while listening to a book. It’s kind of fun trying to decipher her pictures and figure out what she was reading when she made them. December 2013.

Made with love by Lisette (I think it’s retired)

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