Goals, Plans, etc. for 2014

Here is a semi-random list of things I’m working on/ thinking about for the coming year. I am a list maker (obviously) so this keeps things in control for me. Most are blog/ project related that I’ll be sharing. A few are personal that I’ll be keeping to myself.

Socialize/ Reach out.
Go outside.

Currently/ Right Now/ Around Here/ High Five for Friday.
Healthy For Life.
He and She. (photos)
Get out the big camera.

Good Eats.
Good reads.
Memory Monday.

Three times Twelve.
Project Life.
Monthly goals (physical, mental, procrastinate/ project, for me, for others, spiritual/ gratitude, for us, home).
1 Jason page.
1 Jamie page.
Something physical with Jason (an outing involving walks/ bikes/ boats etc.).
Read 2 non-fiction books (except in June).

Other Projects/ Classes/ random things
30 Days of Lists
Self-Portrait challenge (maybe February?)
Layout A Day (January and maybe once more)
Mile A Day (November/ December)
Couch to 5k (either running or on the elliptical) 
Summer Daily (June/ July)
Learn about our money (bills, life insurance, my credit)
Make a will
Get checkups (physicals and dentist for both, mammogram and lady stuff for me)
100 family photos (June/ July)
Week in the Life
Get photos scanned
Get memorabilia corralled
Get current with printing
Organize photos
Organize digi supplies
Print some books.
Structure my weekends so that I eat better and move more.
One Little Word
Inspired Scrapbooking class
Another scrapping class (to be determined
I Choose class
2 classes through iTunes U (to be determined)
Blog things as they happen. Be present. Avoid perfectionism.
Continue chugging through my 2013 Summer Memories list.
Find a digiscrapping community I can call home.
Continue with my awesome designers.
Donate hair.
Donate blood.
Set up a new office space where we can both work/ create.
Go to North Dakota.
Explore the Keys and Naples.
Make fifty travel LO’s (okay maybe that’s ambitious, so I’ll say “Scrap lots of travel LO’s”
Go to Nashville.
Open our home to family.
Find ways to volunteer/ give back.
Read a couple of books with Jason.
Savor our last few months in West Palm. Write about some of our favorite places.
Fill in some of the gaps in my scrapbooks. (Specifically Jason, Jamie, extended family, and travel)

That’s all I can think of right now. I will probably change things as the year progresses. Ready for another awesome year!

2 thoughts on “Goals, Plans, etc. for 2014

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