Last year around this time I wrote about our need to get our bearings after a rough year in 2011. We decided to make Maintain be our family word for 2013. We needed a year to catch our breath, adjust, and regroup. And frankly, we needed a year without major purchases. We needed to take care of what we had.

We rocked Maintain. I’d say a lot of that was due to good luck. Nothing major broke, thank goodness. I kept up with household things, badgering our maintenance guys more than I’d like to admit. Jason took care of car maintenance and we made it through another year of commuting and traveling. We both did things to maintain our health, though we need to do more this year. He maintained family relationships, and surpassed them more than we could have hoped in November.

Here are the things I was hoping for our family in 2013-

  • Maintain our home, wherever that is. We made a lot of big purchases this year, so we need to slow down on spending and keep the things we have in good shape.
  • Maintain the healthy habits we started last year. Moving our butts, continuing to clean up our diets, all that fun stuff
  • Maintain our relationship at the optimal level it is now. This has been a seriously stressful year at times, but we remained Team Awesome. It takes work, but it’s the best kind of work.
  • Maintain our sanity in the face of what could be the most crazy hectic summer to date.

I would say we did a damn good job with Maintaining this year!

We haven’t decided on a family Word yet, but I hope to in the next few days.

Does anyone else do a family word for the year?

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