Sledding using Snowbound by Mandy King

Snowbound by Mandy King

The Little Man’s mom sent us these pics of him sledding last week. He is one of those blobs 😛 I’m super happy when we get pictures from them. I don’t always scrap them because they’re obviously not my memories. But I think he’ll like opening his book next summer and seeing some of them on pages.

Since I’m going to be scrapping over 30 pages this month with the Month of Challenges and my CT pages, they will probably be pretty simple in style. I’ve really embraced simpler, less embellished pages in 2013. Which is probably a bit of a relief for my guys- less pages full of flowers! It’s still a struggle sometimes not to scatter flowers hither and yon. But luckily I can replace them with other things, like the snowflakes here.

And on a side note, I used the same Rad Lab recipe on these pictures as I did to edit these taken in Pittsburg. I almost didn’t save the recipe once I found the settings I liked, because who knew when I’d have a chance to edit snow pictures again, right? Another reason I heart Rad Lab, it saves my experiments for me. 🙂

Snowbound by Mandy King

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