Project Life 2014- Week One (aka, possibly the longest post I’ve ever written)

2014PLWeek01 web

So I did my week one page, wrote up a blog post, and scheduled it. Then I saw this post from Cathy Z and decided to switch course. (Y’all know I hate PL commitment right?) Those templates were so yummy. And so much more of what I wanted for this year- simple, squared corners, white space, but not teeny tiny pictures. I am in lurve!

Oh, I’m doing weekly again btw.

So if you’re keeping track, I dabbled in THREE different ways of doing Project Life last year.

I started out using a weekly 8×8 format of a two page spread plus inserts. And I LOVED it. I think those are my favorite pages to look back on.

During the spring and summer, I used a 12×12 album and the Jade physical PL kit. I loved getting to see things come together in that format. But 12×12 is huge to me, and I knew pretty quickly that I wouldn’t be able to keep that up in the long term. But for sure that is my favorite way to document travel. I loved blowing up photos to 12×12 and little pockets for memorabilia.

I took a break in the fall, and I think I only made two pages. (here and here) When December rolled around, I decided to give a monthly approach a whirl. That was a super fun experiment and I’ll probably be revisiting that again.

Each of these ways of documenting everyday life has it’s benefits and drawbacks. I love playing around and experimenting. I don’t like commitment, and it’s really hard for me to say “I’m going to do this project this way all year long”. I feel like 2013 was very well documented. Between photos, layouts, project life, and this blog, I’ve got a lot of it covered.

I’m ready to do something new. And by “new” I mean old. Like 2010 old… I’m going back to my roots- a one page LO that gives an overview of our week. No inserts. Not a lot of product. Just photos and words. I do not want to spend a ton of time on PL this year. I’m at a point in my life where I just like making regular LO’s better. I’m sure that will change as life gets busier. But right now I’m a lot more interested in using pocket page templates in my regular scrapbooking than I am in PL. But I think it’s still worthwhile and I like having a Week at a Glance look at our lives.

Anyway, on to this week’s page.

I’m not sure about the font size. I need to get a test page printed to see if it will be a readable size for 8×8. Not the best week for photos, but that’s pretty typical after all the holiday hoopla picture taking frenzy. Another thing I would like to do this year is get a picture of me and Jason each week. Hopefully it will be more than just a blurry picture of our feet next time. Speaking of, excuse the blurred text. Not ready to share our future home yet.

Journaling reads- Jason had five days off this week! (Though he was on call) We spent those days eating doughnuts, catching up on TV shows, and apartment hunting. It was wonderful having him home! I started the month o challenges at TLP. The 49ers won a playoff spot. Dad and Jeannie went to AZ and Jay house-sat. We took the car in for an oil change. We booked flights for the summer and made bruschetta

Template and Story card template by Cathy Z
Photo Collage template by Designs by Lili
Fonts- CK Ali’s Hand, Bebas, Bariol

*If you ever wonder why I type out all the journaling on my pages here, even when they’re legible, my stepmom is blind and listens to my blog on her computer. I can’t show her my pages but I’d like her to be able to read them. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that before.

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Project Life 2014- Week One (aka, possibly the longest post I’ve ever written)

  1. Thank you Sweetie. I really appreciate it, and I do read your posts. Sometimes I’ll comment to your dad, and realize he hasn’t read the post. I wonder if I should mention “summer flight plans”, or, if they include Nashville, we should just let him be surprised! LOL!

    • I don’t think he reads regularly. Maybe now that he’s retired, he’ll have more time on his hands!
      Unfortunately the summer flight plans don’t involve Nashville 😦

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