Saturday Gratitude

One of the things I’m doing in 2014 is a daily gratitude journal in Momento. Every evening at 8:00 I get a reminder to write something I’m grateful for. It only takes a minute, and I know that these will be good to look back at on those less than awesome days.

Here are some of the things making me happy lately.

Productive days
Days off for Jason
Catching up on TV shows
Flirty mornings
Fresh affordable produce
Someone to laugh with
A good report on the car
Small steps towards moving
Conserving water
Tummy full of bruscetta (twice in one week)
Encouraging talks with Melissa
A safe return for Dad and Jeannie
A working washer and dryer
Our bed (which is lovely)
Pudding fights
FaceTime with my mom
Hot new library app
Technology that allows me to chat with friends in Tennessee, Kansas City, and Rome, and then make plans with friends who live down the street, all in the same day. It boggles my mind sometimes.

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