In 2013 we…

I love doing wrap-up pages at the end of the year. It can be overwhelming, but they’re some of my favorites to look back on. Here is this year’s page.

Bucket List Alpha, Solid papers, and Chipboard elements

Journaling reads- In 2013 we…. Saw the Statue of Liberty. Ate cotton candy. Exterminated (program) bugs. Saw castles. Visited with family friends near and far. Found out who Red John was (we think). Had a zombie obsession. Added to our lighthouse and bridge collections. Had an Empire State of mind. Ate interesting hot dogs and nachos. Walked through Times Square. Ran a 5k. Loved Sleepy Hollow (the place and the show). Rocked out with Muse, Fuel, and STP. Grew tomatoes. Made art and music. Lost twenty pounds. Became three again. Made way for ducklings. Took the longest road trip to date through nine states. Were quiet at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier. Were loud at the water park. Walked over the highway. Saw a rocket launch and the shuttle at rest. Visited Lincoln and Washington, but couldn’t get close to the White House. Saw dinosaurs and mummies. Made friends with butterflies. Explored the zoo and a battle ship. Gave high fives to Miss Kitty. Made bunny ears. Went swimming and played soccer. Blew out candles. Saw fireworks and where the 1% live. Had picnics and beach days. Drew with chalk on the sidewalk. Acquired a crossbow. Defended the world from villains and bloons. Discovered the joys of apple pancakes and brined turkey. Bought a new iPhone and iPad. Rediscovered iTunes Music Festival. United with fellow Marshmellows. Devoured crab cakes. Played in the snow. Got dressed up for a wedding. Made cookies. Tried eating clean. Put white lights on the Christmas tree. Kissed a lot. Took a photo walk. Saw dozens of sunsets. Followed the adventures of Kiron in Kimono. Watched the Superbowl and an inauguration. Decorated cakes. Laughed a lot. Cried a little. Loved the most.

Bucket List collection by Ohana Designs

*I am a Creative Team Member. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.

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