January Currently


Everybody and their mama seems to be doing a “currently” post today. I’ve counted three so far and it’s barely 8:00. So of course I must do one as well.

Feeling irritated by the same sunburn I get every single year about this time.
Celebrating a new baby cousin from afar.
Conjugating French verbs with Jason.
Waiting on approval for our new apartment.
Catching up on some book series.
Slogging through a book I’ve been reading since November.
Eating Clean, starting today.
Easing back into Pilates.
Missing the feeling of strength and flexibility it gave me.
Knowing it will come back with practice.
Working through the Month of Challenges.
Spending too much money at The Lilypad.
Wearing tights and skirts.
Loving the cooler weather.
Finding new clothes at the thrift store.
Freaking the eff out over The Following.
Rigging up “redneck security systems”.
Laughing at Modern Family.
Breathing a sigh of relief that Jason’s work schedule is easing up a little.
Having hours-long conversations about everything and nothing.


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