Project Life 2014- Week Four

Template by Cathy Z.

How do you document a week with a birth and a death? I don’t know, but this was my attempt. I really wanted to skip this week altogether, but I thought maybe that would be disrespectful somehow… and it was a bit therapeutic I guess.

The first greyed out block is a photo that I stole from my cousin Storm’s Facebook page of him and his new baby girl. (I keep forgetting to ask permission, and I don’t want to bother the new parents with silly blog questions) I usually put a picture of me and Jason in that spot, but we didn’t get one this week.

Minimal journaling this week- I’m not even sure how to describe this week. My cousin Storm and his girlfriend, Sarah welcomed a new baby girl on Monday. Thursday morning, my cousin Jon was rushed to the hospital. He passed away on Friday.The rest of the week is a blur.

The middle row of photos are a random pic of Jason, and a couple I took of myself using the TimerCam app. Elise did a fun write-up of the app, so I played around with it earlier in the week.

I made the Love card with my own handwriting (actually finger writing) using the Paper app on my iPad. There is a great tutorial here. I did mine a bit differently, so there might be a tutorial coming from me at some point, but that one will get you started.

I took the sunset photo the night Jon went into the hospital.

The only other time I’ve documented a death in my Project Life was back in 2010 when Jason’s grandfather passed. I have, however, documented a lot of sickness and other very sad things. My best advice is to keep things simple. And to keep the sad thing separated from the everyday things in some way. That might mean using an insert. Or putting the sad event in the same spread with more neutral photos and elements. I had a few food photos and silly cat pictures this week, but it would have changed the tone of the page to add those. (and you can always add those in next week if you want)

It’s hard to write about this page in a technical and dispassionate way. I debated on whether or not to share this week. But it might help someone else figure out how to document the hard stuff.

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

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