Project Life 2014- Week 8 (and a progress report of sorts)


2014PLWeek08 web

Journaling reads- This was the first week I’ve felt “normal” in awhile. I scrapped 16 pages and read a lot. I did some deep cleaning and packing too. On Saturday we had Antoine and Heidi over for some pre-wedding fun. We made them work for their presents by competing against each other in games. It was a lot of fun! We also got a great pic of the Little Man sledding!

A few thoughts on my first eight weeks of minimalist Project Life-ing.

It’s nice to get back to one page LO’s for Project Life. Not many photos this week. We did get a fantastic pic of the Little Man sledding, which I used for the title block. I can’t believe it’s eight weeks into 2014 and this is the first pic of him we have! Which I am actually grateful, because there were years that we would only get two or three all year. I need to harass him for more pictures!

That made me wonder how the rest of us stacked up picture-wise in PL this year.

Jen- 12
Jason- 14
Us together- 10
Miss Kitty- 8
Family & friends- 13

I think that’s a pretty decent mix, though I know the family and friends count would have been much lower if we hadn’t gone to Nashville last month. I’m very happy that we have that many. Usually at this point in the year it’s page after page of Jason, MK, and me. I am glad to have an excuse to snap a pic of Jason and me together each week. I’d like to start getting a little more creative with those.

I’ve noticed a couple of things that have changed over the past couple of months with PL.

This way feels much more sustainable. As much as I love getting all fancy with my Project Life, it’s a huge relief to go simpler this year. I save so much time and I’m actually looking forward to working on it each week again. I got really burned out last year.

Having RadLab to edit my photos has made a huge difference this year. The photos I’m taking aren’t any better, but they look So Much Better. I’m also using more black and white photos for the really not-so-great ones. I’ve probably used more b&w photos in two months than I did in all 3.5 years previously. RadLab is one of the very best investments I’ve made in my scrapbooking. Ever.

I really like doing the Week in Review blocks. I don’t always love giving up that much space to words, but I think it’s worth it to have a little summary of our week.

On the other hand, I feel like having my weeks condensed into smaller spreads makes me leave out details. There are several things that were staples of my PL in years past that I just don’t have room for in this format. A few examples are books we’re reading, TV, movies, weather, and current events. I do miss having those in my Project Life, but I think I’ve figured out a way to include them in my documentation process. I’ll share that next month.

All in all, I’m still loving doing Project Life this way!

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

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