State of the plants, or how not to care for your vines.

Right now I have three living plants in my possession. That is the least amount of plants I’ve had in my entire adult life. I feel quite sad about that, but I’m sure I will make up for it once we get settled into our new place and I have a handle on the lighting situation.


In the meantime, I’m trying to give my remaining plants a little extra TLC. The only outdoor  plant I have left from when we first moved in here two years ago is my pink plant. She went through some rough times this winter and was quite neglected. Amazingly she’s bounced right back to the point that we call her the Resurrection Plant.

My peace lily is the one I’ve had the longest- well over 10 years. She is going through a transitional time right now so she looks lopsided and a little sad. But there is a whole lot of new growth popping up, so in a couple of months she should be back to normal. And hopefully producing blooms again.


And yes, she lives on my shoe rack. Lilies are very toxic to cats. Miss Kitty has never shown any interest in chewing my plants, but I keep this one barricaded on all sides in case she gets the munchies. It’s not super aesthetically pleasing, but it gives me peace of mind.


Now for the saddest plant of all, my poor vine. I took her off the bookshelf this week to give her a trim and this is what I found.


A hot mess of dead brown vines twisted around the pot. At our last place, she had a whole staircase to climb, but we live on one floor here. When we moved in I twisted all the vines around and set her on a bookshelf. Then I did absolutely no maintenance other than watering. Clearly that was a bad idea.


I started carefully untwisting everything and separating the dead bits from the healthy bits. Then I cut away all the brown vines. Weirdly many of them still had a few green leaves clinging to life at the ends.


After a quick google search, I realized I needed to do more trimming. I made cuts to the longer vines and stuck some of them back in the dirt. Hopefully they’ll take root. I took a couple more cuttings and put them in water to see if they’ll root that way.


My vines look so much happier now! And I have a much better understanding of what they need to stay that way.


Here are a couple of the sources I used to figure out how to fix things.

How to Prune an Indoor Vine from eHow
How to Prune an Indoor Vine from SFGate
Pruning Houseplants from Green Connection

As for future planty plans, I’m really looking forward to our move when I can start collecting  green things again. Basically I want All The Plants. Our new place is supposed to have great plant shelves built in. I can’t wait to fill them up. And of course our balcony will be over-run with whatever I can manage to get growing outside. I’m a little giddy just thinking about it. Crazy Plant Lady Lives!

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