February 2014 Roundup

I want to start doing monthly roundups again. I did several in 2012, but got out of the habit. I think the key for me is to keep a running document in Evernote during the month and fill in things every couple of days. There is no way I’d remember all these little details later. And they’re totally worth remembering!
Photos Taken- 575
Exercise/ Health
Not much exercise at all this month. Maybe two workouts?
Mental and physical funk most of the month. 
Vampire Acadamy. We had low expectations. It was ok until the last few minutes. Jason’s favorite part was the remake of “Bella Lagosi’s Dead” at the end. 
Drillbit Taylor. Kind of cute, though when you think about it, the storyline has a definite creepy factor. 
The Prince and Me. Not terrible. Kind of cute but not at all in a creepy way.
The Divergent trailer, about ten times. Can’t wait!
Jobs. Ugh. One big montage. Only showed the asshole side of Jobs but never the parts that made people love him and want to work for him. His speeches were nearly as uninspiring as Kristen Stewart’s speeches in Snow White and the Huntsmen. 
Super Bowl
Bachelor (one episode, that show is horrible!)
Sister Wives (me)
Jeopardy, including the college tournament of champions and the guy who keeps winning
Modern Family
Olympics! Ice skating, skiing with bumps, ice dancing, snowboarding
New Girl seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix streaming
Top Chef season 11 marathon one weekend
Big Bang Theory (new episodes and reruns) 
The Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show through iTunes
Jason read Notorious Nineteen, Divergent and most of Insurgent during his commute
2000’s pop radio (Pandora)
Stuff You Should Know
Stuff You Missed in History Class (around six months’ worth, thus the low book count)
Classic rock love songs radio on Valentine’s Day (because all the other “love” stations were so sad!)
Classes/ Things I Learned
Jason starting watching videos on Logic from Groove 3.
What fun things did you do with friends and/or family?
Spent the morning of the 1st. with Melissa and Aaliyah. Visited Dad and Jeanie for a bit before Jon’s memorial service.
Met with Antoine, Heidi, Tonya, and Chris for tux fittings 
What milestones occurred? Any holidays or celebrations? How about special events?
My birthday
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day
Pre-Wedding Party for Antoine and Heidi at our house
Wedding rehearsal at their church and dinner at Crazy Buffet with their families. 
Talk about the everyday and routine bits of life in the past month. 
Working my Flylady zones this month. 
Started packing for our move. 
Jason started playing Dungeon Defender. 
After a long hiatus, I started playing Tiny Tower again. 
Charles was being irresponsible in making phone calls and keeping up with things at the beginning of the month, but got much better towards the end. Lots of nice talks about the summer.
Lots of MK snuggles. She’s sitting with me on the couch more (but don’t tell Jason)
Pink plant is thriving. I’m dreaming of all the things I want to grow once we move. 
We cannot stop planning and talking about the move. It’s a daily topic of conversation.
I’m making a big effort to clear out the freezer and pantry before we move, so grocery bills have been pretty low this month. 
Once I cleared enough room in the freezer for the ice maker, I started using Elise’s ice cube trick to water the plants.
What good stuff happened? What were the hard things? Anything unusual?
Jon’s memorial service on Feb. 1st. 
Replaced struts on the car. 
Jamie and Ryan nearly got into a wreck and messed up their car but luckily they’re both ok. 
Jeannie has found a neurosurgeon she loves and will be having surgery in April.
Out and about
Travelled from Nashville back home to West Palm over the course of two days. Stayed in Macon, GA. 
Food- home
V-day dinner at home
Cooked dinner for Antoine and Heidi 
Taquitos… so many taquitos. Lots of comfort food needed this month.
Gazpacho from Eat Clean Diet
Tomato, cucumber, and pepper salad from Fresh Food Fast
Food- away
Krispy Kreme and Sonic in Nashville
Found the “holy grail” of pastries (chocolate covered honey bun) at a gas station near Dalton, GA
Cracker Barrel in Valdosta, GA
Golden Coral- now we don’t need to go for another 2-3 years 
Sushi Jo for my birthday
Friday night Checkers date
McDonald’s one night at 11:30 because nothing else was open and we hadn’t had dinner. 
This is way more eating out than normal because of travel and celebrating. And needing comfort food. Also, that’s sushi three times in one month, which must be a record.
Crafty/ creative/ bloggy/ memory keeping things
Project Life- 9 pages
LO’s- 23
Blog posts- 10
Getting lots of inspiration from my freebies folder this month. Also Studio Calico CT pages, Simelle, and Romantic Scrapbooking class
Took photos for a&h’s rehearsal
Blogged about plants and books, but mostly PL pages
My first Workspace Wednesday post
Day in the Life on the 28th
Report on the progress you’ve made toward your goals or list any new goals you have set

I didn’t make any monthly goals for February.

Progress made in Goals for 2014

I stopped doing Daily Gratitudes in February, but I picked it back up towards the end of the month.
Jason and I took photos together every week.
The only thing I’ve done consistently at all this month was Project Life.
Jason and I did a lot of talking about what to do if either of us passes away. We each have a much better idea of what the other one wants if the worst happens. While this isn’t “making a will”, it’s progress in that direction.
Jason LO’s- 2, plus several family/ relationship pages
Jamie LO’s- 1
Travel/ Summer LO’s- 5
Extended family LO’s- 3

*Idea and prompts taken from monthly reviews/ roundups by ListGirl and Katy the Scrapbook Lady. See my past roundups here.

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