Project Life 2014- Week 9

2014PLWeek09a web

So we had 1,615 photos for week nine… We don’t over-photograph things at all 😛

I have six pages for this week, but I’m not sharing them all for privacy reasons. There’s just no way you can get that many people’s permission to put their photos online unless you put waivers at the door.

The first page is just everyday stuff from the week, except the Week Nine slot. We took that pic after we got home from the wedding. We were wiped, in case you can’t tell from my face.

Journaling reads- This was an exciting week. Antoine and Heidi got married and there were a lot of festivities around that. Continuing to clear the freezer and pantry. Starting the days with healthier breakfasts. Doing plant maintenance. MK cuteness. Exchanged pics with Charles of the views out our windows. FaceTime with mom, Felicia, and Bitty. Felt pretty crummy towards the end of the week. I did Day in the Life on Friday. Jason picked up his tux and we had A&H’s reception on Friday. Saturday was the wedding and it was just lovely.

2014PLWeek09b web

The second page was from Day in the Life on Friday the 28th. I just realized I repeated myself with journaling, but I’m that’s ok.

Journaling reads- Day in the Life Kitty snuggles | Text from Charles | Looking for something to wear | Scrapping | Feeling yucky= mac and cheese for lunch | Listening | Picking up his tux | Sunset

I’m keeping pages 3 and 4 private. Page three is from the rehearsal and dinner. Page four is the morning of the wedding. Heidi asked me to take photos of everyone getting ready and we had a lot of fun.

2014PLWeek09e blur web

Page 5 is the wedding ceremony. Most of these photos were taken by their wedding photographer that I snagged off FB.

The last page is for the reception and wedding party photos. I will probably share some of those later. Especially the ones of Jason doing the Electric Slide. For now, you’ll just have to use your imagination 😛

It was such a fantastic day. So glad we got to share it with them!

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

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