Project Life 2014- Weeks 10 and 11

I needed a little time to recover after all the pages I made for Week 9. But now I’m all caught up. Which is a good thing because the next few weeks are going to be hectic, to say the least. I cannot even say how much of a relief it is to be going simpler this year.

I was getting annoyed with myself because I couldn’t get my pictures narrowed down enough to put on one page. Then I thought “Why are you making this so hard? You’ve broken the ‘one page per week rule’ almost every week this year. Just make two pages!” So I did.

I was pretty lazy with my weekly recap, just captioning the photos.

Journaling reads- Pretty nice, average week Gorgeous sky | Wedding flowers | Making myself go outside every day | Jamie pics! | Thriving pink plant | Couch snuggling | Her spot | Morning light | Our lizard guest | Looking at cars | Our 5k medals | Lunch buddy | New baby ducklings | Found wedding favors, complete with 8 year old Hershey’s kisses | Closet of Doom | Packing | My 500th blog post

2014PLWeek10a web

2014PLWeek10b web

Week Eleven is crazy long- seven pages! I’m pretty sure that’s a record. The first two pages are everyday photos from the week mixed with screenshots from my phone and our TV.

If you have an LG TV, check out their app. You can take screenshots of whatever is on your TV screen. It’s super cool and way better than the awful photos I’ve taken of our TV in the past. Very low res though, unfortunately.

The blurred out photo is a picture of the Little Man and his little sister that they sent us. Love being able to add bits of him into PL.

Journaling reads- This was a fun week. Jason and I took a lot of walks, encountering one scary duck. [Little Man] got his report card. We watched Imagine Dragons on iTunes. Jason was very busy with work. We finally got to see the Veronica Mars move, which was great! On Saturday we went to tour our new apartment. So excited! It was better than we’d imagined. We drove around Coral Springs and had a picnic in the park. After that, we had gelato and a latte at the Italian grocery. We went to Home Depot and Target on Sunday to look at plants and patio furniture. So much talking and planning our new home this week!

2014PLWeek11a web

2014PLWeek11b_blur web

The next four pages are pictures from our new apartment. It will be fun to do “before and after” comparisons after we move in and get things settled.

2014PLWeek11c web

2014PLWeek11d web

A little explanation of the feet picture. One of the biggest selling points of this apartment (other than location) was the Ginormous Bath Tub. We had joked that it would be big enough for both of us to sit in. So when we got the opportunity to test that theory we totally went for it! We took off our shoes and jumped in- and we both fit with room to spare! Now y’all know I am not a small lady, so that just shows how big this tub is! Anyway, so the first picture of us together, we’re sitting in the tub. And the pic of our feet shows how long it is, my feet barely touch the end!

2014PLWeek11e web

2014PLWeek11f web

And the last page shows a few pics we took of the three parks we visited on Saturday, and our picnic. It’s such a cool area and I can’t wait to explore more of it.

2014PLWeek11g web

That wraps up Weeks Ten and Eleven!

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

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