Around here

IMG_0803 IMG_8284 IMG_8286 IMG_8289 IMG_8325 IMG_8335 IMG_8357

I cannot believe how gorgeous it is here. Sunsets over the Glades are the best.

We did a lot of exploring last weekend, including the library and plant shopping.

Still thinking about whether or not to let MK out onto the balcony. She’s hell on screens.

Jason’s birthday was Wednesday! He celebrated by going to work and the DMV. I stuck an unlit candle in a piece of Publix apple pie and sang Happy Birthday because I hadn’t found the box with my lighter yet. Do we know how to party or what?

The unpacking process continues. I finally found my spatulas this week, so was able to cook actual food.

I love the arches and little details here. It seems less like a cookie cutter apartment and more like a place with character.

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