What’s for Dinner? vol. 13

Here are a few things we’ve been munching on lately.


Weekend breakfasts on the balcony.

IMG_8277 IMG_8278

We found a new favorite grocery store, Pann Dutch. Great prices on produce and fantastic specialty pastas and cheeses. We’re not huge dairy people, but we’re thinking of forming a “fancy cheese of the week” club. Last weekend’s selection was Strawberry Chardonnay (my pick). Jason didn’t love it, he’s not a Chardonnay fan. But I thought it was delicious with grapes. The feta is also fantastic. I’ve been sneaking cubes all week and putting it on everything.


We also tried some dried gnocchi with pesto. It’s been over a year since we’ve had gnocchi and it was super yummy. I need to learn how to make it homemade.


We stopped by Doris Italian Market for gelato and latte. We’ve yet to find any Cuban coffee in Coral Springs, so this is the next best thing. My gelato this time was strawberry cheesecake and raspberry white chocolate chip.


I made tasty tacos with guac, tomatoes, and feta. I could eat that every week!

Not pictured- I’ve been following Lauren @eating_whole on Instagram and she inspired me to do batch prepping this week. I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture! Anyway I made a big vat of sausage lentil soup and some salads in jars. I cooked up a bunch of ground beef, onions, and garlic for spaghetti and tacos. I always cook enough oatmeal for four days, so I prepped that too, plus I boiled some eggs for snacks. I did all this on Wednesday and I’ll have plenty of healthy food to last us through the weekend. Weekends are always bad for us food-wise, so hopefully having this stuff at hand will help us make better choices.

Looking forward to next week-
Do more batch cooking.
Jason’s company picnic
Fish tacos
Check out Costco and see if that’s a viable grocery store option.

We’re still looking around at all the grocery stores in town to see what will be a good fit for us. There’s a Green Market that we’ll be checking out in the next couple of weeks too. We get weirdly excited about trying new grocery stores. 😛

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