Skateboard Lesson

skateboard lesson web

I haven’t scrapped a page in almost a month! I missed it! I have been doing a ton of writing for the My Details class, taking lots of photos, and a bit of “in the moment” blogging, so the memory keeping train is still rolling right along.

I sat down and started going through April’s photos yesterday and was making notes in the Captions when suddenly all these words came pouring out. Sometimes that just happens, so I went with it and started making a page. I really love it! I know J likes the messy grungy look, so hopefully that will offset the pinkness of it 😛 I used the fabulous April Storyteller kit from Just Jaimee.

Journaling reads- I know this is going to sound pretty sappy, but watching Jason teach Jamie how to skateboard made my heart really happy. There aren’t a whole lot of “teachable moments” for a 27 year old, so it felt really good to see her learning a new skill right in front of me. To see her try and get frustrated, to see that look of concentration on her face as she tried again. To see her face light up when she started to Get It. That is still magic, no matter how old she gets. 

Then that moment when time stood still and I watched her starting to fall, knowing I’d never get to her in time to catch her, but trying anyway. That gut clenching, heart in your throat feeling… that never goes away either. Only now, instead of rushing to her and gathering her into my arms, I swallow my impending panic attack and walk cooly over. We check out her injured arm and make sure it isn’t broken or bloody. She sits on the ground for a minute, then hops back up to try again. I stand back and continue to watch, marveling at the explosion of emotions that can come from a simple skateboarding lesson.

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