More summer pages

I’m clearing out my Projects folder and found a few I hadn’t shared yet that I made before the move.

September 2013 Storyteller by Just Jaimee

I started this page back in January. It was supposed to be one of the Lilypad Challenges, but I ended up stopping halfway through. I wanted to try making one of those circle mats you were seeing everywhere around that time. I’m sure I had a story to go with the photo, but it never got written down and it flew out of my brain. I love that photo of them running on the bridge though. So I left it half finished and just called it done. That’s why I could never be one of those scrappers who work for days on a page. I’d completely forget what I was doing!

The next two pages were done for the second week of Scrapping Outside the Pocket class.

First pancakes web

I always try to document the “firsts” and “lasts” of our summer. (Here’s our first swim LO). It’s important for me to remember those everyday things because we get so few of them together. One “first” that has become a tradition is Jason making pancakes on our first weekend together at home.

Journaling reads- Jason made tasty pancakes and strawberries for Charles’ first morning with us. june 2, 2013

March 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee Lifted from a LO by Monica Bradford

That poor football! I think this is one of my favorite pages from the summer. I took that photo knowing that it would go on a LO someday. I love that a single object can represent our whole summer.

Journaling reads- This is what a football looks like after a summer with us. It has travelled up and down the East Coast. It has been thrown morning, noon, and night. It has been through a lot, and has the scars to prove it.

Thanks for looking. You can see more of our summer adventures here.

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