What’s for dinner vol. 14


Here are some of the tasties we’ve been enjoying lately.

I’ve already talked about our date night at Crocante, with it’s delicious coffee, spinach pastries, and cheesecake. Can’t wait to go back there again.

IMG_8410 IMG_8418

We checked out Costco and came away with a huge bag of chicken, a gigantic chicken pot pie, and a new brand of Taquitos. The Costco chicken pot pie was very elusive in West Palm. We haven’t had one in a couple of years, so we savored every salty delicious bite. The new taquitos were pretty great too, way more filling than our usual brand.


One of the very best things about this place is our ability to eat outside at a real table like grown ups. And I get to set a pretty table now, which I haven’t done since the early years of our marriage. I was excited to bring out my table linens again. Which sounds lame, but I don’t care.


We went out to eat last weekend at Chik N Treats, which serves an odd mix of Chinese, Cuban, and froyo. We’ve been there several times while we were looking at apartments down here and it’s been good every time. Jason had the bourbon chicken and I got the fish. And yay plantains! I’ve got to try cooking those again.


I did batch prepping again last week (and remembered to take a picture this time). In two hours I prepped and cooked enough for several days. I baked chicken breasts and made chicken soup (which we ended up not liking). I made a huge pot of brown rice cooked in chicken broth for flavor. I boiled six eggs and shredded up a head of lettuce for easy salad prep. I cut up squash, asparagus, mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes. I also divided up snack sized portions of pistachios and our Cheese of the Week, mozzarella from Penn Dutch . A couple of hours of concentrated prep time saved me tons of time this week, and we ate a lot more healthy foods. I can’t even express how much I’m loving this way of cooking.

Here are some of our meals from this week.


Chicken taco salad with guacamole. (yes, I can eat this every week)


A random meal where I was too tired to make decisions so I just pulled everything out of the fridge and we picked while watching TV.


Super tasty ranch burgers made with this homemade Ranch dressing mix. (I left out the powdered buttermilk). Will definitely be using that again!


Jason was all jelly of my Chik N Treats fish, so I made my own version with beans and rice and squash.


Another random meal to try and clean out the fridge. Sliced turkey, asparagus, squash, red pepper strips, and baby carrots.


One side benefit of my prepping was that I was able to start adding veggies to every breakfast. I challenged myself to throw in veggies every morning, even if it was only a handful of baby carrots. Turns out, I really love vegging out my breakfast! Who knew?

We got some delicious chicken sausage at Pann Dutch last week. We leftover sausage for breakfast along with eggs cooked with tomatoes, and tri colored pepper strips. I didn’t think either of us was a huge pepper fan, but we’ve been munching on them all week.


I sautéed up some tomatoes and spinach to go with my eggs one morning.


And did the same with spinach and mushrooms. I’m cooking eggs every morning anyway, and it only takes a couple more minutes to add in some veggies.

Looking forward to next week-
We’ll be eating out A LOT, but I don’t want to ruin the progress I’ve been making with healthy eating lately. It’s going to be a challenge, that’s for sure. Wish me luck!

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