Day in the Life- May 8, 2014

I played along with Ali Edwards’s Day in the Life yesterday.

IMG_9118 IMG_9119 IMG_9128 IMG_9130

Morning- wake up with the second alarm at 6:30 and convince Jason that we need a few more minutes (which wasn’t difficult). Take a couple of pics of the lovely sunrise while he does things on his phone. When he realizes what I’m doing, he gets up and tries to get sunrise pics too. He goes off to do his morning thing and I lounge around with Miss Kitty for a couple more minutes. Get up and throw on some clothes and try to make up the bed but someone is in the way.

IMG_9136 IMG_9140 morningwebIMG_9142IMG_9145morning2

By the time I make it out to the kitchen, Jason is finished with his shower and dressed. I make coffee and waffles for his breakfast and eggs with mushrooms for mine. (Yes, I make myself fancy breakfasts while he gets frozen waffles or toast. That’s the way he likes it, I’m not being deliberately mean. He’s just not a breakfast person). I throw together lunch for him (leftover sausage lentil soup) and we sit down to watch a few minutes of GMA. I start a grocery list for a quick Publix run tonight. He gets a work call and I eat breakfast. I email him a story that we see mentioned on GMA, that he doesn’t have time to watch. He finished up the call and heads out for work at around 7:45. He snaps a quick picture on his way to work for me.

IMG_9150 IMG_9154


IMG_9158 IMG_9160 IMG_9169 IMG_9170

I get lost in blog land for a few minutes, then start my day. I unload the dishwasher from the night before and call my dad. My stepmom is having neurosurgery today so I want to check on them. They had just wheeled her back about five minutes before I call, so I miss talking to her. I chat with my dad for a few minutes, then my aunt shows up to keep him company, so I let him go. 

I give MK some lovin’ and start a load of laundry. I text Jason good morning. I’m listening to Ghost Story, a Dresden Files book and wonder how Harry is going to get out of his latest predicament. I need to deal with some crock pot oatmeal that I made the day before, so I put it in serving size jars. It looks tasty so I heat up a jar and sit down to check my Feedly and watch a couple of quick videos.

IMG_9172 IMG_9173 morning4

IMG_9175 IMG_9182
Reboot the laundry and go outside to check on the plants. Some have been struggling since we went to Orlando, but I’m ever the plant optimist. I take care of all the plants outside and in. Feed MK and settle in to some computer time. 

IMG_9185 IMG_9186

Do some updates and check my blog to-do’s. Work on a post about my NSD pages for next week and shuffle my editorial calendar around so I can publish this Day In the Life post today. Listen to Pandora while doing all this because I can’t write and listen to a book at the same time.

IMG_9191 IMG_9192 IMG_9233

Afternoon- I put away laundry and text with Jason a bit. He’s having a rough day and is exhausted. He takes a pic of setting up a google TV for the warehouse.  I have lunch, leftover rotisserie chicken, cole slaw, and beans and forget to take a picture.

IMG_9193 IMG_9195

Check in on the PRT board and reply to comments on the podcast. Hear from my dad that Jeannie is out of surgery and in recovery. Text with Melissa and let her know about Jeannie. Feeling really tired and draggy all day, so lay down for a minute, which turns into an hour. Get up and jump in the shower. Putter around the house a little and jot down some ideas for Summer Daily.



Evening- Jason gets home around 5:30 and we make a quick post office run to send off Mothers Day cards, which will probably be late. We listen to “90’s dance music” station on iTunes Radio in the car Stop by Publix on the way home for eggs, peaches, and yogurt. USPS is doing a food drive on Saturday so we pick up a few things for that.



We come home and put away groceries and then go back out for a walk in the park. My phone dies so Jason snaps a few pictures for me. We do two laps around the track and talk.

We head back home and I charge up my phone so I can call dad. Jeannie is doing well. They think they got all of the tumor and she is already bossing dad around, which is a good sign! He’s eating dinner so we keep it short. 

IMG_9217 IMG_9219 IMG_9222


I make dinner and Jason watches the NFL draft. I’m trying a new frozen yam thingy tonight, plus chicken sausage, brown rice, and spinach. It’s all pretty tasty. We finish dinner and I clean up the kitchen. We’re both pretty tired. We go to bed around 11.

Observations- We’re so very grateful that Jason doesn’t have the terrible commute anymore. Our days look much different than they did a couple of months ago, and we’re so happy for that! Also grateful for Jeannie’s successful surgery of course. It was very nice to have a “normal-ish” day, other than that, to document.

I’m finding it difficult to photograph in the new apartment. The walls are very warm, and I think my phone overcompensates for that by making all the pictures too cool, which I have to go fix in 90% of them. Or maybe I’m seeing colors strangely and overcompensating for that 😛

I’m pretty annoyed with my phone camera right now. I’m getting a lot more blurry pictures since updating the OS, which was never a problem before. I think I just have to learn to be patient and take the few extra seconds for it to focus instead of just snapping away. I don’t think I’ve “found the right light” here just yet and this was good practice. I miss white walls!

As usual, I kept up with journaling in the Momento app throughout the day. I find it hilarious  (and slightly pretentious) that I actually typed out the words “editorial calendar”. I kind of wish I’d straightened my closet shelves before I took that picture. (I did straighten them when I put the laundry away). My bookshelves and countertops are kind of a hot mess, but I’m generally happy with what we’ve put together so far. This is our life right now. And it’s pretty good.

5 thoughts on “Day in the Life- May 8, 2014

  1. Awesome post, Jen! I was going to do the Day In A Life yesterday, but I didn’t have to work until 11:30 and when I don’t have to get up & going in the morning, any plans like that go straight out the window!

    Maybe I’ll do it Monday – I have to work all day. 🙂

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