Workspace Wednesday


This weekend we got new desks and office chairs. Yay! I’m super happy that Jason has a workspace now. He hasn’t had a place to set up for music in a long time.

We’ve been looking for desks for at least two years on and off. We have different aesthetics in general, but we can usually come up with a compromise eventually. This time it just took a little longer.

He wanted- modern, minimalist with legs (as opposed to the ones with board sides that touch the ground)

I wanted- drawers (!!!)

We both wanted- dark wood, no glass, and for them to be small enough to fit in our space. And for them to match. Because we’re dorks.

We finally found ones that we love, and after trips to THREE different office stores, we have two desks and two (non matching) chairs. We were not about to spend another two years trying to find chairs we could agree on!

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