Project Life 2014- Week 15 and 16

2014PLWeek15a web 2014PLWeek15b web 2014PLWeek15c web 2014PLWeek15d web

Week 15 was pretty busy and we took lots of pictures, so I made four pages. Pages 1 and  3 are a mix of everyday photos of the house and and exploring town, plus a photo Melissa texted everyone when she got engaged. Page 2 is a series of panorama shots I took with my iPhone around the apartment. I wanted some “before” shots to show the unpacking progress. I’ll do some “after” shots once I get pictures hung up. And page 4 is full of photos from EcoFest.

Journaling reads- This was an exciting week. Jason’s birthday and Melissa got engaged! In between all that, we unpacked more boxes and started setting up the bedroom for {Little Man). I had my first bath in the gigantic tub and started a new class. We did a lot of exploring over the weekend. Friday night was Date Night at Crocante. So good! We went to EcoFest at a nearby park and saw lots of cool animals and came home with a free fern! We went to Jason’s company picnic. We saw Captain America for Jason’s birthday. Melissa and James got engaged on her birthday.

2014PLWeek16a web 2014PLWeek16b blog web


I made myself stop at two pages for Week 16. It’s really hard to narrow them down when lots of interesting (to me) stuff is happening. I could have done a whole page just for the beach, but I did that for Week 14 so I didn’t want to be repetitive. My Momento app helped a lot for this week with things I didn’t have pictures for, or to help remember names of restaurants and things. I’ll be So Happy to be caught up again so things will be fresher in my mind!

Journaling reads- This was Easter week, so we sent a box to {Little Man}. We also got three pics from him! I tried Blogilates and batch cooked a bunch of food for Cleaner meals.The Dresden Files obsession continued. Jason and I really enjoyed getting extra time in the evenings together. We started decorating and cleared out more boxes. MK played with her jingly ball. Friday night we looked for stars in the park. Saturday was super busy- Chik N Treats, fish market, Sherwood Forest, and shopping for tons of new plants. We went to the beach on Sunday.

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

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