The 3×100 project (2013)


We’re gearing up for Summer of Awesome 2014 around here. Making plans for exploring, adventures, swimming, and other fun stuff. We have to cram a whole year’s worth of family time into five painfully short weeks. All this leads me to reflection about summers past, and things I never got around to writing about last year.


One of the most important things I tried to do last summer was to get more photos of the three of us together (plus Miss iKitty if we could wrangle her). I make a big effort every year to get tons of pictures of the boys together, and Jason is always snapping away so we have quite a few of me with the Little Man. But it’s more tricky to get all three of us. Someone has to hold the camera, right?

IMG_2590 IMG_2330

Last summer we did a ton of traveling. I began to notice all the different reflective surfaces in hotels and other places we visited that could facilitate a quick family picture. At some point, I decided I would try to get a hundred photos of the three of us during the summer.

IMG_1509 DSC_0064

We took pictures in front of mirrors. We took pictures of our shadows and our feet. Jason, master of the extended arm camera phone selfie, did his thing. Every once in a while we talked a stranger into taking our picture. It became sort of a game to try and get a photo at every place we visited. And the guys knew if we passed any sort of mirror I was going to make them stop. It was a bit of an obsession for me.


I’m STILL going through summer pictures from last year, but I know I have at least 50 pictures of all three of us together. Fifty! That’s pretty exciting! I didn’t make my goal of 100 photos, but who cares?



Making the conscious effort to get more pictures, even if they’re not great, has made a big difference in how I scrappbooked the summer of 2013. It looked a lot less like “Our summer with the Little Man”, and more like “Our summer as a family”. I super love that. I can’t wait to do it again this summer!

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