June goals (our Summer bucket list)


Last month’s goals went really well. Yay accountability!

  1. Morning walks. This did not happen. We’re shooting for this in June or July.
  2. Get library cards. Done.
  3. Catch up with PL. I’m still four weeks behind, but I’m calling this one a partial success because I worked my booty off on PL last month, completing 29 pages!
  4. Participate in NSD. Done, here and here.
  5. Finish prepping for the summer. rent car, program GPS, Summer Daily template, gather craft supplies, Summer 2014 bucket list- All done, except getting crafty stuff
  6. Daily writing. Done, which explains my freakishly regular posting schedule this month 🙂
  7. Have a bookstore coffee date. We attempted this, but sadly our B&N isn’t very conducive to coffee dates. But we did go to the bookstore and had coffee on the same evening so I’m calling this one done.
  8. Hang pictures. Done

Now on to our summer bucket list! I’ve been doing one of these every summer for a couple of years. (2012 and 2013) It’s fun to go back and look at the things we wanted to do each year. They reflect the pattern of our summers and the near frantic pace of our time with the Little Man. We always take a trip. We try to get outside as much as the blazing south Florida weather will allow. We always have a couple of parties. This year is no different.

Things to do this summer-

  • North Dakota and Minnesota
  • camping
  • geocaching
  • swimming
  • explore lots of parks
  • Tampa
  • picnics
  • build an epic sand castle
  • work on a puzzle together
  • play games
  • teach LM how to change a tire and how to cook three meals
  • make lemonade and pizza
  • take 100 family photos
  • daily documentation
  • soccer and football
  • comic book store
  • beach
  • Father’s Day
  • LM’s birthday
  • 4th of July
  • eat on the balcony
  • watch super hero movies

Lots of fun stuff to do. I can’t wait to get started!

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