Right Now- Little Man Edition


He’s grown his hair out this year.
But he lets me put it in ponytails, thank goodness.
He has a girlfriend now. We try not to tease him too much. He’s liked her since the first week of school, but when he asked her out, she said no. Then the last week of school she asked him out!
He seems happier and less moody this year.
He still loves video games, comics, and being outside.
He’s SUPER into Magic the Gathering cards.
He’s in charge of his own laundry and emptying the dishwasher this summer.
He wears cologne now. (Mark VII Armor Up)
His favorite comic is Foxtrot.
He loves British accents (we all do)
He makes up parodies of songs, usually involving zombies (“I came in like a zombie horde!” to the tune of Wrecking Ball)
He’s working on two comics, one about a giant robot and one about creatures from an alternate reality transported to present-day Earth.
He plays Transformers, Skyrim, and of course Happy Wars.
He watches GI Joe and Arrow.
He would eat toasted cheese sandwiches at every meal if I let him.
He’s great about eating his veggies.
He’s growing taller and slimming down.
He wants to travel to Russia someday.
He plays Tiny Tower on my iPad and Tiny Deathstar on Jason’s.
He’s rediscovered matchbox cars and likes building elaborate racetracks out of Popsickle sticks.
He’s grown out of most of his summer clothes from last year.
He thinks Jason and I have way too many shoes.
He does the “snug and run”, where he will snuggle up for a minute, then bolt away. (Miss Kitty does that too)
He gets embarrassed by kissing scenes on TV.
He brought the Angry Birds this summer, but isn’t playing with them as much. (I knew this day would come, but it still makes me a little sad)
He has a stuffed bear named Amazon.
He says he doesn’t want to be an engineer anymore.
He still loves swimming, football, and soccer.
He loves to swing.

As always, it’s so much fun to see how he’s grown and changed this year. It doesn’t seem like such a shock this year for me though, since we’ve been texting and talking much more this year and his mom sends pictures more.

He seems happier this year, partially thanks to a certain blonde girl. But he’s made a lot of new friends in ND (like I knew he would!) There is much less anxiety this year, which is a good thing.

I have a feeling that by next summer he’ll be as tall as me, his voice will have changed, and I’ll have to stop calling him the Little Man.

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