Around here

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Lots of RC car fun this week.

Tried and failed to have Christmas in June.

Weekend treats at Kilwin’s and Mojo Doughnuts.

Silly car selfies.

We entered MK in a “cutest pet” contest for charity. She could care less, as long as she gets her celery fix.

Little Man went out with his grandparents for some IKEA fun, and I snapped a few pics of his room.

Making comics and swings every morning.

This week has been much better, for me at least. The weeks with him are such an adjustment, and by the time I feel like I’ve got my stuff together, it’s time for him to go. I spent the first week being so angry and sad, which is my old familiar pattern. I start anticipating the pain of his loss the day he gets here instead of just enjoying things. It’s a self protection mechanism. I withdraw and get moody. And cry a lot in the shower. I think I spent the entire first week wanting to bawl or scream. Everything makes me sad or pissed off.

But the second week is always better. Things are easier. I can go more than half an hour without thinking of him leaving. I can enjoy things and be more “in the moment”. I start to find a balance in my emotions, and I only want to cry once or twice a day instead of ten times. I’m probably easier to live with.

In week three I’ll be looking forward to spending time in the Great Outdoors, more swimming (if it ever stops raining in the evenings!) and maybe some cheesecake.


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