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I get inspiration for pages from, well pretty much everything. Photos, stories, product, classes. This page was inspired by the phrase in a journaling card. It made me think of a conversation Jason and I had a few weeks ago. So I found a random photo of us holding hands from earlier this summer and made a page. 🙂

Journaling reads- We were watching TV one night and someone on the show said something about her wedding day being the most romantic day of her life. I started laughing and said “Yeah whatever”. I could tell you were taken aback by my reaction. “Wasn’t our wedding day the most romantic day?” you asked. “No way, not even in the top ten!” That was when I realized you were getting annoyed and I started to explain. Our wedding day was great. It was very special to get up in front of family and friends and God and declare our love. To say that this is the person I want to be with more than anyone. Of course that was an amazing day. But to me, the romantic days are the regular days we’re together. The road trips together where we just talk for hours. Kissing before we get out of the car. Hotel Z. Holding my hand. When you used to pop my soda can top for me, or the way you put your hand on the small of my back. Those are the romantic things that I love. Those little moments where it’s just the two of us.

Only You by Tickled Pink
Feb. 2014 Storyteller by Just Jaimee
July 2014 template freebie by Tickled Pink

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