Project Life 2014- Week 28

I’m skipping ahead to work on more current weeks of my Project Life. I’ll still be working on my summer pages at the same time, hopefully to be shared on Thursdays. I want to stay relatively on top of PL, while taking the time to savor my summer photos at the same time. I won’t be posting them on the blog chronologically, but you can always see what I’ve finished so far on my Project Life 2014 page.

I’ve taken a lot of time the past few weeks thinking about where I want to go with PL for the rest of the year. I have a love/ hate relationship with this planning stage. (Jason would probably tell you it’s all hate because he has to listen to me complain about it all the time) There are things I absolutely loved about the way I did the first volume of 2014- clean, simple, white space, and better photo editing.The photos stood out and I just really really love those pages. I loved that I could spend as much or as little time on a week as I wanted on each week. Some had one page, a couple had six or seven. It felt very freeing to not have to constrain myself to two pages per week.

But I felt like one important thing was missing- words. I mostly stuck to a week in review card, with a few photo captions thrown in. When I compared my older pages with 2014’s, I missed the stories. Little stories like what we were watching on TV or reading. Longer stories from blog posts. I was missing out on words. Then I read this post by Aaron Morris on the Pocket Source blog. The last paragraph really grabbed me. In his PL, he’s attempting to give equal room to photos AND words. Hey, I want to do that too!

I’m going to be adding more words in a few different ways- more captions, more quotes, and more small everyday stories. I want to start adding more current events and blog posts every once in awhile. I’m taking the Hello Story class by Ali Edwards, and I’ll be adding things from that. I love Kristin’s “Currently” cards, so I’ll be adding those sometimes too.

I’ll need extra room for all those extra words. I’m using the PSE actions by Mommyish to make my own templates. They’ll be very similar to Becky’s PL designs, but with squared corners.

I’m in love with Tracey Larsen’s photo templates and will be using those a lot. That will give me more space to write, and give more white space to rest the eyes.  I love how my pages look with her templates.

Now, on to week 28…

PL2014wk28a web

This week was four pages. I took a lot of pictures and had lots to say, so I’m ok with that. I was doing a lot of experimenting and trying to get things “just right”. Also, lots of words= lots of opportunities for typos. I’ve already had to fix and re-upload a couple of these pages.

I was loving Fat Mum Slim’s new photo-a-day app this week so a few of the photos used those filters. The rest were edited in RadLab.

PL2014wk28b web

More photos, goals for the month, and a quote I found on Pinterest.

PL2014wk28insert2b full web

Fun stuff going on here- a quote made with the Word Swag app, a Currently card, and one of the downloads from Hello Story.

PL2014wk28z web

For the last page, I just copied and pasted text from this post. It was technically written the week before, but I thought it would be more appropriate in this week.

*Project Life was invented by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it here. My Project Life pages can be found here.

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