August/ September goals

IMG_2508The first two weeks of August went by in a NyQuil induced haze. I’m ready to ease into some goals for the next six weeks.

But first, here’s what I did for July’s goals

  1. Morning walks. This one was completed with flying colors! I walked in the mornings, mostly in the park but a couple times in my living room with Leslie. Jason and I took lots of evening walks, and we even jogged.
  2. Find a book club. I found one online, but due to library software malfunctions, I didn’t get to actually read July’s book.
  3. Summer Stories. Nope. Was too bummed to look at many summer pictures.
  4. Make 5 new things. This was pretty open-ended. I tried a couple new recipes and made a couple of pages, so I’m calling it good.
  5. Eat at home for the rest of July. We did really well on this one. We had lunch and dessert out with LM, but those were planned for in advance. We only ate out one time out of laziness (Checker’s) and it was gross. I can’t believe we used to eat there once a week.
  6. Hang our family tree photos. Finally did that last Thursday.
  7. Plan a cheap date. I sort of forgot about this one. We tried geocaching, but the mosquitos chased us out of the woods before we could find the cache.

Now for July/August-

  1. Work up to 10,000 steps a day.
  2. Find a GP, and get appointments for physicals.
  3. Read 5 NF books.
  4. Finish documenting the summer. Unless it makes me too sad. Plan B is to stay caught up with PL.
  5. Make something pretty for the house.
  6. Plant 5 things from my garden board.
  7. Declutter 100 things.
  8. Make football food.
  9. Experiment with a capsule wardrobe.
  10. Go to the beach.
  11. 30 Days of Lists.
  12. Make 25 LO’s.
  13. Flylady zones twice a week
  14. Watch 10 things from our Netflix Queue
  15. Get to the “30 pounds gone” mark.

These are pretty random. Most of them, except #2 and #15, are things that I enjoy but always talk myself out of actually doing them. I’ve always been wary of putting weight loss goals on these lists. But I’m So Close to a big goal and I’ve been stagnant for months. Maybe this will get me over the hump. I need challenging goals that will push me this month, plus a few fun things.

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