Quiz time! (Jason edition)


Jason and I took the First and Last and Superficially Speaking quizzes from Angie Lucas (via Megan @ TNN) It was fun, and I actually learned something about him that I never knew, which is pretty rare after almost ten years together. We love doing quizzes and things on long road trips. (well I love it, he’s just trying to stay awake). I changed the wording slightly on some questions.

Here we go!

First kiss?
Damiana (sp?) in Arkansas

Last kiss?

First concert?
Milli Vanilli

Last concert?
Stone Temple Pilots and Filter

First big injury?
A Big Wheel accident where I was trying to avoid getting hit by a car. I crashed and needed stitches in my head

Last big injury?
Strained chest muscles that lasted for weeks.

First airplane ride?
In a tiny airplane at an air show in Alabama when I was about twelve. It was scary!

Last airplane ride?
Minnesota to pick up Charles this summer.

Why did I apply for my first job?
For money to move out on my own.

What attracted me to my last job?
The opportunity to do something different and expand my knowledge.

Most famous person you’ve met?
The man who played Chewbacca in Star Wars

Famous person I’d like to meet, past or present?
Steve Jobs, Elon Musk

Dream house?
A house by the lake near Nashville.

Who has the perfect head of hair?
Scott Forstall and Craig Federighi

Talent I wish I possessed?

Dream car?
Right now, a Tesla. Or a mustang.

What would I like to be famous for?
Writing musical scores for movies


I’m sure these quizzes will end up on a page or two in the future. I love simple ways to get journaling on a page, and quizzes are so much fun!

If you have a good source for quizzes, feel free to link up.

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