More fun with the Project Life app



Here are a couple more of the pages I’ve made with the PL app. I wanted to do some experimentation to see how hard it would be to bring some of my own digi supplies into the app.

I used this tutorial from Steph at the Daily Digi as a guide. I uploaded cards from Are We There Yet? collab by Mommyish and Just Jaimee to Dropbox. It was pretty easy to plop them into the template in the app as if they were regular photos.

The trickier part came when I wanted to add text to my title card (top left on the first page) Since you can’t add text to “photo” slots in the PL app, I used a workaround. I found a card I liked via Dropbox, then saved it to my camera roll. Then I opened the card in the Over app and added my title and a bit of journaling. I saved the finished card to my camera roll, then added it to the PL app.

It was a relatively painless process, but more time consuming than using the cards provided in the app itself. I’m hoping they’ll add the ability to add text on a photo in an update. From what I’ve seen, that’s a pretty popular request. I think once they add that, I’ll make a lot more pages using my own kits. For right now, it’s a lot faster for me to scrap on my computer if I want to use kits from outside the app.

Also, Steph said in her article, but it bears repeating- If you want to use other apps in addition to Project Life, plan ahead and pay attention to the dpi of your exports! Don’t let all your hard work go to waste and end up with fuzzy pages because an app exported your LO at 72 dpi. Do your fancy journaling first, then add the photos to the PL app, not vice versa. That’s my public service announcement for the day 🙂

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