Division of Labor using Chore Monster by Mandy King

Chore Monsters collection by Mandy King

Mandy’s new collection is a fun departure from her usual kit style. This one is all about chores!

I decided to make a LO about the “division of labor” in our house. I did a similar page back in 2011, but it’s always interesting to revisit themes like this to see changes through time.

Division of Labor

Here’s my older page. It’s funny, I didn’t look at the page from 2011 before I made this one, but they’re very similar. No photos, turquoise, and neutral colors. I think I’ll put them next to each other in my Home album.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a totally different way to use the kit, which doesn’t involve cleaning at all 🙂

*I am a Creative Team Member. This means that I receive free products in exchange for making and advertising layouts for designers. However, the opinions expressed here are my own. The enthusiasm expressed here is definitely my own. See more of my CT layouts here.

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