Project 52: Week 35

January 2013 collection by Connie Prince

Last month, I participated in the Project 365/52 challenge at Gingerscraps. Project 52 is similar to Project Life and P365, only you’re scrapping one event each week. (That’s my interpretation of it, but everyone does it a little differently)

Even though I do my own simplified version of Project Life, I thought it might be fun to make pages for longer, more current stories as they’re happening. It’s my way of dipping my toe into chronological scrapping. I love my Library of Memories albums though, and these pages will fit nicely into that system.

Here’s Week 35- Fort Lauderdale

I love all the blues in this page! I’ve noticed that blue is becoming a prominent color in my Coral Springs/ Boca/ Ft. Lauderdale area book. I’m pretty happy about that. I’m also happy to have all these details written down. I’m sure they’ll get fuzzy over time.

Journaling reads- We made our first trip to Fort Lauderdale in years on a blazing hot August afternoon. We walked through the streets around Las Olas, holding hands and window shopping. We found a little coffee shop and ducked inside for drinks and some much needed shade. We continued our walk, pausing to take pictures. Jason was in love with the little river that flows through town. It was neat to see boats of all sizes floating by. The rainstorm that had been threatening all afternoon finally caught up with us and we took refuge in an Irish bar. They had a live band playing and we thought about staying for a bit, but the rain stopped and we went on our way. We walked back to the car, but we weren’t ready for the afternoon to end just yet, so we drove to the beach. It was very cool, reminding us of Santa Monica. People were playing basketball and skating. We stayed long enough to get our feet wet  in the ocean and walk along the “bridge to nowhere”, then headed for home. Not too bad for a recon mission. We made mental notes of a few places we wanted to see next time. We definitely knew there would be a next time.

(And spoiler alert- there has already been a “next time”)

Credits: January 2013 collection by Connie Prince

Library of Memories album: Places- Coral Springs

I’m excited about this whole Project 52 thing. I’ve never remotely been tempted to scrap chronologically, but I see the appeal in getting things scrapped while they’re still fresh. I am, of course, tempted to go back and scrap the previous 34 weeks. But I think I’ll worry about staying current right now. I’m not sure if this is something I’ll be able to keep up, but it’ll be fun trying 🙂

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