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Visiting the pumpkin patch, finding it way too crowded, and deciding to try again in November.

Putting in applications for creative jobs and jobs that pay actual money.

Feeling incredibly anxious.

Doing it anyway.

Walking in the park.

Loving that the weather is down in the 70’s!

Closing doors so others can open.

Watching new episodes of Once Upon A Time and Sleepy Hollow.

Waiting for a fun delivery today or tomorrow.

Talking my sister through setting up her first iPad.

Squirting a naughty Miss Kitty with the water bottle.

Having nightmares regularly.

Pinning iPhone accessories.

Looking for more Halloween themed mysteries.

Eating homemade mac and cheese.

Worrying about family drama, always.

Planning a strategy for Week in the Life.

Signing up for our second 5k.

Feeling sad for three friends who’ve lost loved ones this week.

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