The house


The house where we moved when I was a baby.

The house I walked to after school.

The house where my parents’ marriage fell apart.

The house I stayed in with my dad.

The house I left when I was thirteen.

The house I returned to the day I graduated high school.

The house where I learned to cook and keep a home.

The house where horrific things happened.

The house where fantastic things happened.

The house that I brought home the man I wanted to marry.

The house my dad left when he got remarried.

The house that my sister made a home.

The house that burned.

The house that nobody cared about enough to fix.

The house that has caused so many divides in our family.

I feel like we all betrayed the house. I am sad and angry at all of us for that. My head understands the reasons, but my heart does not.

I hope the house gets a fresh start with it’s new family.



2 thoughts on “The house

  1. I never had a house like that, as my father and grandfather were both in the navy when I was growing up, so we often moved. In addition, I attended schools for the blind, and then college, where I stayed in dorms during the week, and was just at home on weekends and school breaks. The longest I’ve lived in one place was just over 7 years, the house where I now live. The house that I love the most and remember best is one where I lived for only a brief time. Two of my sisters, and my grand parents with whom I lived moved fron New England to the south when Granddaddy retired from the navy. The rented a big, old house, about 130 yearsold, according to the owners. It had lots of big rooms with high ceilings and plastered walls. At the top of the stairs was a smaller room, still in the original log. It had a big yard, and even a playhouse where my sisters and I played for hours. We moved when my grand parents were able to buy a home, but I’ve never forgotten that house which had become our home!

  2. Hello, my dear. I know you are torn about the house. I truly believe that the people who bought the house have the desire to fix it back up the way it was meant to be and the way I could not afford to do after the fire. She (Mary Elizabeth) said she fell in love with it immediately and that she was not afraid of the ghost in the attic! She was also interested in the history of the house and promised that we could go take a look when they have fixed it up. They plan to live there when repairs are completed. I know this may not make it better for you or Jamie, but at least the house seems to have found a good home owner.

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