Layouts using Slow Me Down, a collab from Mandy King and Saxon

Slow Me Down, a Mandy King and Saxon collab

Mandy is killing it with the awesome collars lately! This time she teamed up with Saxon to bring us Slow Me Down. It’s full of rich colors, and just perfect for scrapping those quiet moments.

My first page tells the story of our first morning in our new apartment. It was kind of like the eye of a storm between the craziness of moving, and the busyness of having my sister stay with us. Jason and I took a few quiet moments out on the balcony to try and let everything sink in.

Journaling reads- Our first morning at the new apartment. It didn’t seem real. Were we really going to live here? Was this really going to be our home? It seemed too good to be true, like we were going to wake up from a dream any minute.

Library of Memories album- Places: Coral Springs

Slow Me Down, a Mandy King and Saxon collab

My second LO is a bit on the personal side. I took this photo for Week in the Life, and scrapped it that same night. I love love love it, one of my favorites of us together, ever. I wrote the journaling months ago. I’m not sure what prompted those words, sometimes I just start writing whatever’s on my mind. I saved it to Evernote and it sat there, waiting for me to figure out what to do with it. I went very minimal with the embellishments. I’ll probably cut this in half vertically to create two 4×8 pages that I’ll store back to back.

Journaling reads-
He doesn’t want her help putting together furniture or washing the car.
She doesn’t want his help packing, whether it’s a suitcase or the whole house.
He could probably use more help planning trips.
She could probably use some help with the dishes.
He doesn’t do laundry or cat boxes.
She doesn’t drive or pay bills.
Sometimes it’s best if they divide and conquer. They go with their strengths.
They are both excellent e-mail and card writers.
They both know pretty well when to give hugs and when to give space.
They always have each others’ backs.
If they don’t agree, they can usually find a compromise.
They grocery shop quite well together.
They are each other’s biggest fan.
They make a great team.
That is their strength.

Library of Memories album- All About Us: Jason and Jen


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