Catching Up with Project Life- Challenge One


Earlier this year, I decided to take a hard look at some of my projects and to see what it would take to actually finish some of them. I made a document in Evernote, which I would revisit from time to time. I made Next Action lists, and slowly worked through them. My plan was to finish some of these projects sometime before 2025 or so.

Enter Catch Up with Project Life, a class at BPC.

The first lesson mirrored what I’d already been doing, and gave me added incentive to make more progress. Assessing my gaps took a lot of work. My first couple of years’ worth of PL files were a Hot Mess. That was before I’d settled on a naming structure for my files, plus some of them were in a program that I no longer use (Pixelmator) and my computer couldn’t figure out what to do with them. It took HOURS to straighten out 2011 and 2012, but I did it!

2013 was easier to sort out, but I got pretty discouraged looking at all that I needed to do to make it come together in a cohesive way. (That was the year I did PL three different ways, remember?)

2014 isn’t too bad. I’ve finished the first volume, and I’ve made decent progress on July-September. The summer months are going to be a challenge, but I’ll talk about that in a later post.

The hardest (but most fun) part for me is always the question of what form is my finished project going to take? I have a different plan now that I’ve really assessed the cost of my different options.

2011 will definitely be a blurb or artscow book. I had that intention from the start of 2011, and I think it will work best.

I had originally wanted to print out 2012 as individual LO’s with inserts, like I’ve shown here. The problem with that is, it will be crazy expensive, even though I’ve printed out several weeks already. So that probably will be another blurb book. I’m a little disappointed, but I can’t justify spending nearly $100 to get all those pages printed out when I can get a cheap book for $30.

2013… I just don’t know yet. It makes my stress levels skyrocket, so I’m putting it aside for now.

So that’s where I am right now. My goals for the class are to finish 2011, and continue on with 2014 as usual. I’ll get to everything else eventually. I’m feeling pretty confident. I love that the class is set up as a series of challenges, and the lessons have been fun and informative so far.

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